Friday, May 24, 2024
C2C: Connected to the Great Commission

Christian Counseling


TRBA hosts a Christian counselor, Barry Bolin.  Barry, his wife, and son live in Gadsden. He is a born again believer who has experienced "a deep forgiveness and grace that was truly life changing". He approaches counseling "from an Existential and Biblical perspective, with his Christian worldview at the core of everything".
Barry works with Pathways Professional Counseling which is a part of Alabama Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries.  He sees people at the following Baptist associational offices:

               Sand Mountain          Pisgah          Monday

            Tennessee River        Scottsboro    Tuesday

            DeKalb                     Rainsville      Wednesday

            Marshall                   Guntersville   Thursday


Fees are based on your income and ability to pay.  Barry will discuss this with you privately.  Tennessee River Baptist Association provides financial help with fees.
For an appointment call: 1-256-399-9834
Please pray for this counseling ministry. 
























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